Is Colbert The Front Runner To Take Over The Late Show?

  • When a late night show host announces that they are leaving, they can’t seem to even finish their sentence before fans and every media outlet are speculating who will replace them. So, it’s no shock that though David Letterman just announced his departure, there are already many guesses for who the next “The Late Show” host will be. Names like Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, Jon Stewart, and my personal favorite, Ellen Degeneres have been thrown around, but with a tweet from Deadline’s Nikki Finke in his favor, Stephen Colbert seems to be the forerunner.

  • Will Nikki’s prophecy come true? Or will CBS make waves by hiring the daytime host with the best dance moves? (I’m obviously talking about Ellen.) Let us know in the comments below who you think will get the job!

  • Colbert on Letterman.

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