Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Twitter might stink for the next few years, but at least the country will be better.

Bernie Sanders, a man who has brought leftism into the mainstream, who inspired a movement in America towards public programs and socialist policies that has inspired the nation to dream of being treated better by their healthcare system, treated better by the places they work, and treating the world better around us, is running again in 2020, inspiring the legion of fans that have made him such a beloved stalwart of democracy throughout the past few years. The candidate, who made headlines in 2016, released a video showcasing some of his amazing accomplishments throughout the years — and even in the last three, showing how his fight for a $15 minimum wage has resulted in a higher minimum wage for both Amazon and Disneyland. Check out the video below.

What was once considered too radical about Bernie Sanders in the run up to 2016 is now accepted mainstream politics in the run up to 2020. In particular, Medicare For All has been paid lip service from the likes of Kamala Harris and other careerist politicians who dot the landscape leading up to the 2020 election.

And speaking of — Bernie Sanders’ campaign has already hit records, outpacing Kamala Harris’ in a matter of hours, raising 1.2 million dollars from 42,000 dollars in three hours, according to The Daily Beast, and I am sure that number will rise.

It’s exciting to see Sanders’ campaign, from those who support it, go from a strange anomaly to the front runner. Sanders has the name recognition, and the actual popularity that many of his opponents fight for. Most importantly however, he has the sincere dedication to these ideals that he held when he was unpopular, and he holds now that he is the most popular. It will be exciting to see where the campaign goes.

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