Crab Shell Containers? Crab Shells Replacing Plastic Packaging

Crab Shell Bags, Crab Shell Packaging? Yeah. We dig it.

As the world comes together to better our planet, with researchers working hard every day to find a way to combat the issue of plastic and minimize the use of it in everyday life, it was only a matter of time before we finally had an answer: crab shells.

Plastic has become one of the most widely used materials across the world, but the risk it poses on the environment and wildlife is one that is too hard to ignore. It has been said that if you joined the number of plastic bags together that are dumped in the ocean alone, you would be able to circle around the globe 4,200 times over. Not only does this material ruin our oceans and effectively turn them into dumping grounds, but it also harms the sea life that live there, with over 100,000 marine creatures dying every year from getting caught up in plastic or ingesting it.

Because this issue is becoming such a worldwide epidemic, more and more people are trying to do their bit to cut down on the amount of plastic they use in everyday life. Although we may not realize it, plastic is everywhere and unfortunately it can be very hard not to use it. Supermarkets are one of the main proponents of it, as they package up fresh fruit and vegetables in unnecessary plastic packaging. However, researchers at Georgia Tech have been working hard to find a way to cut down on the use of plastic, and find a more sustainable, eco-friendly material, and they finally have an answer – crab shells and trees.

The new ‘plastic’ creates a flexible film and will actually keep fresh produce fresher for longer. It is also biodegradable and is made from a very common source of materials. Although all of this sounds like the perfect solution, a lot of people on Twitter have pointed out that in order to do this, many crabs will be killed in the process and a lot of trees may have to be cut down in order to get enough material, especially when the demand exceeds the supply.

Also, as Twitter user, @FREELSEWHERE, points out, there are many other factors that make this process not a solution to the problem at all, and probably creates more issues than what plastic does now.

However, Bella pointed out how although the material called ‘chitin’, which is found in crab shells and is also the substance that causes an allergic reaction, can also be found in plants, therefore it is vegan friendly and may allow those with shellfish allergies to use the product.

Although, there are other materials, such as hemp, that has also been used to make plastic, but is vegan and animal friendly, biodegradable, and can create many other things such as clothing and paper. This super material can do it all, even make our soil cleaner!

Unfortunately, this plastic replacement seemed too good to be true, and ultimately creates more problems than what plastic does now. Sorry researchers, better luck next time.

Do you think that using crab shells and trees are a good alternative to plastic? Think it causes a lot of problems and we’d be better off without it? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.