Dogs Show Their Support in Irish Referendum

Doggos say YES in Irish Referendum.

by Amy Walters

The Republic of Ireland voted in a referendum on May 25th, that decided whether the amendment named the Eighth Amendment, which effectively bans abortions in the country, should be repealed. This would mean that abortions would finally be legal since 1983 and would make a ground breaking historic moment for the women of Ireland.

There were more than 3.2 million people registered to vote, and another 100,000 who since registered so they could vote on the day, but some furry friends also wanted to have their say in this significant day in Irish history.

As people made their way to the polling stations, they took the opportunity to take their dogs along with them and shared their opinion on the subject and how they voted, with the hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations becoming popular on Twitter.

People are loving this trend so much, that some were very disheartened when there were no dogs at their polling station.

A Twitter account has also been set up to show the amount of support that has been given due to this trend. @DogsForChoice has become popular and has shared many pictures of people with their very good boys and girls who have taken part in their democratic duty. They have also made their own merch available, in which all proceedings will go to the @Together4yes charity.

It’s safe to say that doggos in Ireland took a stand for what they believe in and participated in a change for the better.

What do you think, however? Were dogs on the right side of history here? Which dog was the cutest? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.