Family Guy and Modern Family Creators Speak Out Against Fox News

Following Fox News' defense of the separated migrant children and their attack on the news, Steve Levitan, Seth MacFarlane and Judd Apatow spoke out against their past and present employer: Fox.

The realization that the United States has been separating migrant children from their parents has caused a sense of reflection, chaos, and outrage in the United States, as inhuman signs of an authoritarian regime often do. Seth MacFarlane, creator of ‘Family Guy’, and Steve Levitan, creator of ‘Modern Family’, have been reflecting as of late on their part in the debacle, specifically, how their shows help the Fox corporation create such a big part of their profits. Sure, the Fox corporation has Bart Simpson and ‘Deadpool’ movies, but it also has Fox News, where Laura Ingraham spoke last night, comparing the prison camps where children have been attempting to commit suicide to summer camps. Seth MacFarlane was the first to speak up, saying:

Steve Levitan, whose show ‘Modern Family’ is produced by 20th Century Fox, tweeted:

And, in the middle of this were tweets by Judd Apatow, whose college dramedy ‘Undeclared’ was aired on Fox, who made no bones about quitting is the right thing, and encouraged the creators of other Fox shows to step down. He said:

And, honestly, Judd Apatow is right. For all the bluster and public recriminations, Fox doesn’t care about any of this unless it loses ‘Family Guy’ or it loses ‘Modern Family’; two uber-popular shows that make up enough of its bottom line to at least force it to have a serious conversation about the only price of child prison camps that they care about — the literal money that they could stand to lose from taking ‘Family Guy’ off the air.

Seth MacFarlane is obscenely rich. He can leave and start a new show on any other network. His life will be completely fine, and he will finally back up his lifelong liberal beliefs with more than just a show that seems to indulge the comedy of the side he opposes.

Hell, if it takes child concentration camps for ‘The Simpsons’ to leave, so be it. All of those writers will be hired elsewhere, and everyone else can retire.

A stand has to be taken on this issue. If not on this, then on what? Being mad on Twitter is not enough.

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