Giant Murder HORNETS Scare Millions After Spotted in USA and What You Need To Know

Are they gonna survive here though?

Lately a lot of people across the United States have been a little worried about these Murder Hornets that stem from Japan will eventually make their way to the united states. These hornets, which can prove to be very deadly, claim nearly 50 deaths a year in Japan due to multiple stings on a person. The bees are about the size of your thumb, and are the largest hornets recorded to date. The bug could even wipe out bee populations around the country as well. 

Even though this bee has eleven times the amount of venom as a honey bee, it isn’t to be deadly unless provoked. 

The bee was first spotted in Washington and now officials have been setting up traps in order to slow the span of this bee. with the life cycle beginning in April, the traps will hopefully give some time to control this potential outbreak. It’s interesting enough though because the Japanese bees deal with murder hornets in a brutal but satisfying way. 

The Japanese bees actually just lure these murder hornets into their hive. Once a murder hornet attacks the bumble bee, the remaining hive swarms pile themselves onto the killer until it overheats. The temperature inside of this large and SCARY looking ball can be up to 116 degrees, cooking the insect alive really. Satisfying and scary to watch. Some people are truly in disbelief that these insect will actually make their way to the US though. 

These murder hornets pose a big threat to beekeepers in particular. These hornets wipe out entire bee populations within hours and even decapitate the bumble bee to feed their larva. 

Animal Planet Star Coyote Peterson claims that this bug isn’t something to be worried about though. He claims that there is no evidence to suggest that the insects are in fact breeding or even going to spread across the United States. He even said that this is NOT the deadliest sting in the insect Kingdom.  In 2018 Peterson actually captured the so called Executioner Wasp, which has a far more deadly sting, and he uploaded it to YouTube. 

In the video, viewers watch as Peterson captures the insect and administers a pain that hasn’t even been measured yet, but he definitely can say in the end that it takes the cake.