Grandfather Finds “PLEASE SPIT IN IT” on His Burger Receipt

This Father's Day meal went from cute to inexcusable once this grandfather discovered that the waitress wrote "PLEASE SPIT IN IT" on his burger receipt.

So I never order hamburgers with spit. Call me crazy, but it’s just not for me! The saliva of other people in my food? I would find it insulting! So, you can understand the absolute disgust of grandfather Curtis Mays who, after enjoying a meal with his daughter and granddaughter for Father’s Day, noticed that mixed in with his billed ingredients for his burger were the words “PLEASE SPIT IN IT” in all caps.

The incident took place at The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria, Queens New York, and when Mays confronted the waitress, the waitress pretended she wasn’t the one who wrote it. However, it took some very simple detective work to discover that… wait a second. She did! When Mays approached the manager, the manager fired her on the spot and promised Mays that no one spit in his food, which is… guys, we’ve already gotten this far. There really are no more expectations here.

By the way, the news report on the matter does hasten to add that The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden does have an A rating from the Health Department. Probably because all of its chefs go specifically out of their way to not spit into the food of grandfathers on Father’s Day. That extra little step makes all the difference.

The manager gave Mays a full refund, which I think is pretty fair for an incident this dehumanizing and insulting. And, when the manager asked Mays what he could do, Mays, who mentioned he almost vomited when he found out, said what could they do? He ate the burger!

Happy (belated) Father’s Day to everyone, except the folks at The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden.

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