Here Are The Worst #WorldEmojiDay Tweets, Folks

"Separating families makes us feel ;___;"

As we log on to our computers in the year of our loud, 2018, we’re faced with a series of troubling stories. The president probably colluded with Russia, and just issued the fakest sounding correction imaginable. And… folks… it’s World Emoji Day. I don’t know where Emoji Day originated, what it celebrates, or if it’s just a way to make people desperately want to get animojis (folks, I desperately want to get animojis), but I do know what this day is for me: a day to look at people and brands inappropriately or weirdly using emojis! Folks, let’s go!

Up first, the United States military.

You may know the United States military due to its heroic sacrifice in enacting the US government’s goals in the Middle East. Or you may also call their actions an attack and thinks its surmised best through the photos which came out of Abu Grahib showing the use of torture to destroy the lives of human beings under the vague concept of safety. Wherever you stand on the military, I am sure these grimacing emojis are not exactly as cute as the Army, which is associated with a massive loss of life on both sides, would think it is.

Next up, the Department of Defense! Now, the Department of Defense may be best known as the organization that is quick to blame when say– we drop a bomb on an Iraqi Wedding, and continue to support us through a cloud of endless war, but it doesn’t mean we cant have fun with animojis, alright bud??

Okay, who else, who else… so. Look. We already know the NRA low key sucks. Even if you believe in the second amendment, the NRA’s silence when black people get killed for legally owning a fire arm, their support of teachers carrying guns, and the recent allegations that the NRA was a major player in the Russia scandal should be enough to make you question them. Especially considering the Russian scandal charges cropped up just yesterday. So that should have made them think twice before sending out this missive.

Hell yeah! Cute as hell emojis to condescend to those who don’t want to be shot anymore! Bring it, you ghouls!

Next up is PETA, the extremist animal rights group, maybe realizing the power of a bad emoji Tweet, and using it to its fullest.

Hell yeah! Don’t let your puppy face emoji die in a hot car! Oh, hells HELLS yeah!

Okay, so while PETA’s tactics are often questionable, its goals are noble. Here is another noble organization with a Tweet using emojis. Although, this one is… kind of nice. It comes from the UN Refugee agency, and reminds us that refugees are a central part of our country, and are not the bogeymen that Donald Trump, ICE, and other organizations which seem to be enforcing something dark and terrible claim they are.

So there you go, the silliness of emojis used for good.

We’ll end this entry with three Tweets using emojis that are undeniably excellent. One is from Steve Harvey…

…one is from Dolly Parton…

And one… is from our favorite building collecting a great supply of books. That’s right folks, it’s your favorite and mine, we’re talking– the library!

Hell yeah! So what do you think of World Emoji Day? Have you seen an insane World Emoji Day Tweet you want us to share? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.