Internet Thinks Donald Trump Wrote THAT Melania Tweet

Where has Melania Trump been for the past 21 days?

c/o Mercury News

When we last heard of Melania Trump (three weeks ago), it was when she was at the hospital for a benign kidney treatment, a procedure which the White House claimed would only take two or three days. We remember the moment as the time that Donald Trump visited his wife in the hospital and called her Melanie. However, that was weeks ago, and Melania’s disappearance from the public landscape began to grow odder and odder with CNN running articles like this one, titled “Why Is Melania Trump Still in the Hospital”.

The article goes into the oddities of the fact that the treatment Melania Trump received is relatively benign, and Melania was reported to be released from the hospital the day after. Still, her media appearances have been inexistent, something that would have raised, with me at least, zero suspicion, if not for the tweet that she released, that raised the antennae of much of the Internet. Here is the tweet:

The Internet’s consensus seems to be that the tweet was written by her husband, Donald Trump. Especially the language (working overtime) and the phrases used that are often in his quiver (media) make the entire thing all the more suspicious. Plus, the subject of the tweet was Melania being okay, which seems odd as this entire matter could be swept away with just an appearance for CNN.

This could all be nothing, of course, but much of Twitter made conjectures — whether or not Melania left her husband who doesn’t seem to adore the president too much or what. Here are some tweets concerning this ever-deepening mystery.

After all, Melania Trump has not been seen in public for 21 days.

Of course, the most likely reason behind her absence from the cameras is probably something a lot less dark than Twitter’s imagination, and my guess at least, is Trump is so bad at lying that when he did, everyone got alarmed. He lies like he breathes, but damn if he isn’t the worst at it. Or, maybe it’s dark as hell. We’ll find out I guess. For now, that tweet seems to be so obviously Trump it’s absolutely uncomfortable. Ugh.

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