Pro Trump Family MOCKED on Social Media For Election Song in Oklahoma

I mean.. it's not good...

Donald Trump is seeking election this year and a lot of people want their voices heard, especially in Tulsa, Oklahoma where this family’s song is gaining massive attention online. 

So crowds are protesting and gathering in what is supposed to be a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Tulsa rally is the President’s first since coronavirus shut down the country and halted all in-person campaigning. Apparently more than a million people have RSVP’d to the rally and many are camping out. A local official involved in planning said they expected 100,000 to show up at the Bank of Oklahoma Center on Saturday. The venue can hold just under 20,000. Attendees will not be required to maintain social distance or wear masks, despite the Trump administration’s top public health officials stressing the importance of both measures in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Now it truly is interesting that the rally was asked to be put on hold from health officials but the Trump administration said that the rally still needed to happen. Officials said Trump is very anxious due to his slipping poll numbers and believes that the reason is because he cannot hold rallies to talk to his supporters. Because that’s totally it. 

But instead of all of this getting attention at the moment, Twitter decided to tell everyone how they really felt about this family with their own “Vote Trump 2020” song. 

Now, some people called this the republican knock off of a Taylor Swift song, but other people tweeted things like“Name this band…” and oh did people give responses. 

Some of the names included, and please caution these names, “naZZi Top,” “Buffoon 5,” “The Klandemics,” “Guns N’ Racists,” and even “No Direction.” 

Other responses to the video include things like “oh my God. It IS a cult,” “No masks, no rhythm, no colored people, not surprised”, and even “Spoiler alert: Oklahoma is ranked 48th in Education.”