Teens on TikTok Challenge are Faking Seizures and It’s Getting Worse

Is this still a thing?

Here we are again telling you some of the not so great parts about social media, and it has to do with TikTok. Many users have been faking seizures on the app and it has definitely caused some backlash.

So the current trend is called the seizure challenge and overall it is NOT a good look for anyone doing it so don’t even think about it. The whole ordeal actually started when a lot of users on the popular app started to do what’s called this “Seizure Challenge” to the song Ludic Dreams by Juice WRLD. This involves a wide range of people online to pretend to have the said seizure and spit out water. 

Juice WRLD actually did pass away of a seizure tragically in the Chicago airport which lead a lot of people to freak out about predicting his death. 

Whether this was a coincidence or not, we hope that these people will realize that this is not a laughing matter and we hope the app will take action against this as well. To name a few users who have done this, Diego Matir who is a shocking age of sixteen has participated in the challenge. 

In his clip, his girlfriend Lauren is seen crying with her mascara smudges as they audio plays. 

First of all this was poor acting and that twerk was horrendous. The clip has gathered over a half-million likes, but not everyone was quite so amused by his seizure challenge.

Although Martir himself commented, “it’s a trend, pls don’t come for us,” some evoked Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce, who died at the age of 20 last year after suffering a seizure in his sleep, which had been the result of an ongoing medical condition.

17-year-old Haley Orona, who have over a few has since deleted her clip of the challenge. Orona has since deleted her video, but Martir’s is still active. There are some users online who have spoken out about the issue and help the slow down the spread of the trend. 

But the thing is I don’t know why someone would even want to start this challenge in the first place. Like, why?Some comments on videos like these include “why would you make fun of this” and even “this isnt right.”

Personally we hope that TikTok does start to put a ban on videos like this being uploaded from the app but we will see sometime soon.