TikTok Up in ARMS After “Dead Body” Used in Nurse Video Online

Should people just cool off on this one?

Okay so as we reported before, there have been a lot of controversies online with TikTok nurses these days. The last we spoke about this, there was a debate about if nurses should even be on TikTok to help with educational efforts in the current day and age. But this video made by nurses online is getting a lot of users worked up. 

Apparently these nurses tried to recreate a popular meme called the “dancing pallbearers. This meme went viral earlier in the year. It’s an African tradition where those who hold the body at a funeral dance with cheer and light to reflect a happier time for a death of a loved one. 

But unfortunately this doesn’t hit the same as that tradition to say the least. 

At first glance, a lot of people were up in arms because they literally thought this was a real human body in the video, and so did we! To put those rumors to rest, no the body is not real and it is FAKE. Okay, now moving on. 

The video, which shows a group of nurses dancing down the hallway carrying a FAKE corpse labeled COVID-19, has a lot of comments from people across the internet. Some people called something like this gross and distasteful. Some of the tweets we found read: “This literally might be the single most tasteless thing I have seen all year… and 2020 has been horrendous.” Another wrote 6 people and not one stopped ans said; ‘this might not be a good idea.”

Some thought the video was in poor taste but there were actually some others who defended the healthcare workers and they were trying to blow off some steam on the job. 

One user wrote: If nurses and doctors want to make a TikTok let them. The amount of stress they are under is crazy and all they want to do is have a bit of fun. Lighten up.

One person even tried to point out that everyone didn’t understand the meme. They wrote “They are carrying Covid19’s dead body… because they just beat it. To the sound of the funeral meme that has been going around. I think people are over-interpreting this Tiktok. It isn’t nurses carrying a body of a person who died of Covid-19.”

Again, This is not the first time so-called “TikTok nurses” have come under fire on social media as we said before. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have received serious backlash for spreading false information on TikTok, where many users are young and less informed. One nurse’s TikTok making fun of patients’ pain went viral and even sparked the hashtag #PatientsAreNotFaking in retaliation.

We are interested to see what more will come out of TikTok for the rest of this year. Hopefully Covid-19 will also come to an end soon. 

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