Trump To End Own Policy of Separation of Families, Enforces Indefinite Incarceration

Trump has announced he plans to put an end of separating parents from children while announcing he will indefinitely detain immigrant families.


It’s been a hectic few weeks — hell, years at this point, but on this specific issue, weeks — for America, as it continues to be baffled by its own backslide into something resembling too closely the kinds of dictatorships we were once so proud of not being like.

Americans for a week wrestled with how they can be the sort of country that imprisons children, toddlers even, after separating them from their families. The latter caused Rachel Maddow to cry live on air, as the separation of families from their children should inspire others to do.

ProPublica has released a harrowing video as well, of children crying for their parents inside a detention facility as an ICE agent mocks them. Remember, the president is doing this because he wants to win another election. These children’s lives are being destroyed by the government to which you pay your taxes so Republicans can score vague political points.

Trump and Jeff Sessions’ decisions to separate children from families at the border has been unpopular, as people outside of Trump’s sphere generally think Nazis are bad, causing Donald Trump to reverse his own inhumane decision to put children into detention centers. Trump held a press conference where he announced his intentions to do so. However, he also announced he will continue to indefinitely imprison immigrants, in a clear violation of habeas corpus, so the victory margin on this is slimmer than it immediately seems to be.

In the speech announcing his intention to keep families together, Trump continues to blow the dog whistle on border security, which is fancy language for we’re still going to be treating immigrants like garbage, and indeed ICE’s policies of harassing people for speaking Spanish, naturalized citizens, and still treating migrants like animals seems to show no signs of slowing down. Nothing is fixed, and until Trump signs anything the policy that he co-created of separating children from their families is not enacted.

Plus, the untold amounts of damage that have been done to these children is nigh impossible to reverse. This thread, for example, goes into the number of drugs that have been injected into the children, and the physical abuses they have felt at the hands of the guards.

If you want to end ICE, make sure to call your senator or representative, and you can follow the DSA on Twitter, which is trying to make real strides towards the ending of the immigration enforcement power.

Until ICE is abolished and we have a less inhuman view of immigration as a country, the fight is not yet over.

What do you think about this development? Will it lead to the president further giving in to the will of the people, or will he continue to double down on his hateful immigration action? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.