VIDEO: Putin Makes Reference to Trump Pee Tape at Helsinski

Look, a lot of awful things happened at this conference, but we are What's Trending, and the Pee Tape is always trending...


At this point, I don’t imagine there’s too much Trump news that could be particularly shocking, but it’s good to be reminded that– yeah, things are still a little more dire than they have any right to be. Take for example the Trump/ Putin summit in Helsinski, Finland. The media is still reeling from the fact that Trump held up the word of Putin over the findings of his own government agencies. One got the impression, from Donald Trump’s behavior alone, that Donald Trump perhaps did in fact collude, and in fact holds an oppressive government regime which meddled in an American election on a higher level than the people he has been chosen to represent.

A key quote is when asked if Trump holds Russia responsible for hacking, Trump responds: “I hold both countries responsible”, which is another mealy mouthed attempt to avoid the issue. Now, I could cover this event plainly, beat by beat… like… like the time that Putin was asked if he has any incriminating information on Trump and his family, causing Putin just to laugh awkwardly and just say that he personally didn’t know that Trump was in Russia, but never saying no, just saying it’s “nonsense” and “hard to imagine”.

Then Trump said that if Russia had a pee tape it would have been out long ago which is a hell of a way to say that the situation in the tape never happened!!!! Just kidding, it sounds kind of like an admittance. What a depressing world.

Putin claims also he might have heard about this thing, but again, the lack of outright denial by either party speaks volumes. However, one thing has outraged the people — mere days after the Mueller Probe has indicted 12 more individuals in the Russian election tampering affair, for Trump to continue to sidle up to Putin is well– it’s a new business as usual for him.

However, it’s a shocking business as usual. And it’s good to see the American public begin to realize this after seeing it in black and white. Even Republicans have went out of their way to criticize the president, although it is, to be polite, yet to be seen if this will result in any action.

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