Nick Kroll Comes on Colbert As Kavanaugh’s Awful Frat Buddy Squish

Nick Kroll, of 'Big Mouth' fame, amongst other projects, comes on The Late Show to play Squish (pronounced Squeesh), one of Kavanaugh's disgusting Yale buddies.
By Alex Firer

Nick Kroll may be one of the funniest character comedians around. From his work on “Oh! Hello.” with John Mulaney (Spider-Ham himself), to his amazing characters on Comedy Bang Bang, to The Ed Hardy Boys, Nick Kroll has always been a master of playing the barely redeemable douche (including Sausage Party, where he played an actual douche). Now, he uses those skills to throw more shade at the United States’ probably darkest Supreme Court justice hearing, that of the belligerent and very credibly accused of three counts of sexual assault, Brett Kavanaugh. In his crazed sniffling defense, Kavanaugh kept referencing weird friends with weirder names: Tobin and Squi (I’m shocked it’s not spelled Squee) and PJ — all in addition to Mark Judge who was at the sexual assault of Christine Ford. Well, Colbert uses the powers of Kroll’s douchiness for a hopeful good, as Kroll comes on to play Squish (pronounced Squeesh), a version of one of Kavanaugh frat house buddies.

Kroll’s Squish character is immediately horrifying. Squish is the sound a keg makes when you tap it, but also the sound of, according to Kroll, anal sex and putting beer in your butt. A lot of dumb butt stuff at this testimony. Squish claims he did everything with Kavanaugh including Boof Troop, Squish Week, and then he claims that UB40 stands for Up Butt 40, not the band. When talking about the actual reporting around Kavanaugh, Kroll echoes Trump’s disgusting testament that it’s a dangerous time to be a bro, before revealing that he may or may not have killed a pledge with Kavanaugh. An absolutely disgusting character who helps us gain some insight into an absolutely disgusting Supreme Court judge. Fantastic.

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