Nintendo “‘Pokémon Masters EX” Hashtag is Accidentally Scandalous

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Nintendo, one of the wealthiest and most valuable companies in the world, made an unexpected mistake for their defined caliber. The company prides itself for being a strictly family-friendly brand with emphasis on bringing quality entertainment with minimum amount of inappropriate content. 

Home to biggest video game titles such as ‘Pokemon’,’Super Mario’, and ‘Animal Crossing’ has made a rather polarizing mistake. The juggernaut of the gaming industry left their followers in a state of disbelief over a hashtag gone wrong, leading #pokemonmastersex to trend all over twitter.

After the immense success of their mobile games titles “Pokémon Go!” and ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Nintendo launched last summer their latest rendition to the family ‘Pokémon Masters EX’.

 Pokémon Masters Ex is a free-to-start spin-off Pokémon game for iOS and android. It allows players to battle various Pokémon Trainers from the core series games. The objective is to collect teams of Pokémon trainers, and master, along with their favored Pokémon.

 The official twitter account of ‘Pokémon Masters EX’ celebrated their one-year anniversary by changing the title of their mobile game app from ‘Pokémon Masters’ to ‘Pokémon Masters EX’. This title put into an uncapitalized hashtag format led to a rather unintentionally lewd outcome. As a result #pokemonmastersex is born.


 This led to the post trending on twitter not exactly what the developers intended for. However, this actually helped create a bigger buzz for the game, and helped promote it to a wider amount of audience. Here are some hilarious tweets coming out of this accident.

 One tweet with the starter Pokémon Piplup reads ‘The Pokémon ceo on his way to have a talk with their social media intern after he sees #pokemonmastersex trending. 

 Another tweet has a spin on ‘The cooler Daniel meme’ reading ‘this was my chance #pokemonmastersex” 

A happy twitter user attaches a photo of Jasper Beardly from Simpson that reads “#pokemonmastersex is trending. I’m so happy that I lived to see this” 


A regretful twitter user tweets “I shouldn’t have looked through the #pokemonmastersex hashtag.

The hashtag later on fixed to the more proper form #PokemonMasterEX.

 This whole situation obviously is not intentional, and rather comical. But, it helped bring a rather obscure spinoff title into the limelight. Do you think all of this is a secret strategy by Nintendo to promote their game? Or do you think that their social media intern needs a little more sleep?

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