Noah Cyrus Called Out For Racist Language When Defending Harry Styles from Candace Owens

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Noah Cyrus receives backlash for using racist language in an Instagram story as she defends Harry Styles from Candace Owens. The 20-year-old singer, younger sister of Miley Cyrus, shared Styles’ Vogue cover where he is wearing a dress with an offensive comment.

“He wears this dress better than any of u nappy a** heauxz,” Cyrus wrote alongside. Noah was critized for using the racist word “nappy.” The word nappy was an unpleasant way to say when referring to African hair texture. 

The photo Cyrus used is the same as the one that Owen judged Styles’ for his look and outfit. 

Styles became the first man to embrace himself for the cover of Vogue Magazine. He sure did by wearing a dress. The internet went crazy when his photoshoot was published and his gender-bending fashion statement.

Owens quote tweeted Vogue’s article, There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence.  It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.”

People weren’t having it and were defending Styles’ by saying that Scottish men have worn skirts and dresses forever now. Including that the masculine and feminine dresses have different meanings depending on societies. 


One Twitter user mentioned how Owens is behind in culture and education. Stating that the trend of men wearing skirts and dressing has been going on for years.

That’s where Cyrus got heated and criticized immediately. Someone wrote “Noah cyrus said she thought nappy meant tired you yt ppl need to stop using words you hear black ppl say……. y’all don’t even be knowing the meaning y’all be saying it just to look cool it’s aggy”

Turning Point USA contributor, Rob Smith, had something to say about all of this. “There truly is no racist like a White Liberal racist.,” Smith said.


It’s not the first time celebrities get away with racist comments or actions.

Owens asked Miley Cyrus to come get her sister via Twitter. 

“Any one of woke liberals care to explain to me how @noahcyrus calling me a “nappy ass hoe” is not racist? I’m all ears. You guys love cancel culture. @MileyCyrus come get your sister!”

Seems like Owens isn’t liked by many people but they were not on Cyrus’ side.

Cyrus realized she messed up and it was time to own up to her actions and apologize. She posted her apology on her Instagram story which read the following: “I am mortified that I used a term without knowing the context and history, but I know now and I am horrified and truly sorry,” she wrote. “I will never use it again. Thank you for educating me. I in no way meant to offend anyone. I am so so sorry.”

Founder of BLEXIT was one of those who aren’t fans of Owens but weren’t supporting Cyrus. In addition to his tweet, Owens thanked him. 

WARNING: Profanity Included

Some people weren’t buying Cyrus’ apology and say she was did it for attention.

I find it hilarious that @noahcyrus said “I didn’t mean to offend anyone.” Bullshit. She meant to offend at least one person. That’s why she wielded her words like a fucking weapon and used specific ones that would upset @RealCandaceO Daily dose of lame ass excuses from celebs.”

Taking into consideration that Owens was the one who started this by insulting Styles’ outfits for his photoshoot and saying “bring back manly men,” is no excuse for anyone’s actions.

This whole drama where it has to do with Harry Styles isn’t giving Styles’ the attention for his choice of outfits. The drama has stayed between the two, Cyrus and Owens. Styles’ has not put himself in the rough waters. He has not commented on the situation or does not seem to be hurting.

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