The one girl literally got a LEMON

As colleges decide to stay open during this pandemic, schools like NYU are going viral for what they are feeding their students while they are in quarantine.

NYU decided to open back up for the fall semester. State law requires students coming from out of state to quarantine for 2 weeks alone in a dorm room, and some students’ videos are going viral about what they are given for food.

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NYU is required to feed the students in quarantine for 2 weeks with meals that are being delivered to their dorms, but videos have been showing that the meals don’t have enough food to sustain a college student, and some vegans and vegetarians are getting meat and dairy products. Some meals aren’t even being delivered, or are being delivered all at once at night time.

These viral videos have made it to news stations and is also having other TikTok users concerned about their health. NYU students are saying that their meal plan is above $2,000 but that these meals are not sustainable for 2 weeks. After seeing these videos NYU did release a statement about the quarantine meals.

The statement said, “We are aware of the students’ complaints, which are valid. This is a never-before-tried operation for us and our food vendor, Chartwells. There are over 2,600 students quarantining in our residence halls, and every day they are supposed to get three decent meals.” It also says, “We are dismayed that this didn’t go off as planned, we and Chartwells apologize to the students, and we are committed to correcting this promptly.”

It is great to hear that NYU is going to try to fix this problem, but some TikTokers are saying that people are complaining too much about the food they are getting.

One TikTok posted says, “can NYU kids stop posting about their meals? I know you trust fund kids can order some Door Dash.” and an NYU student talked about how she’s not a picky eater, so the food was fine for her.

There is a rule implemented that students can order food that will be delivered between 2:00 and 9:00, but this doesn’t give an option to low-income students and students who rely on the meal plan.

Hopefully, these students can get some good meals during their quarantine and that NYU fixes this problem. Let us know what you think in the comments!