Sean Spicer is all set to shoot a talk show titled Sean Spicer's Common Ground, which promises to discuss the mundane and every day with their guests. Many feel this is ill advised given we only know who this guy is because he lied as press secretary for President Donald Trump.

A lot of people have wondered before the election of 2016, wether or not fascism could actually take hold in the United States. And it seems like the answer was — if you make fascism a celebrity then apparently Americans will love it! Donald Trump has been a celebrity for being a garbage millionaire since the 1980’s, and his appearances on Saturday Night Live, the infamous hair ruffling on The Tonight Show and a billion CNN segments where journalists were salivating at the ratings they were getting by showing Trump to talk about Mexicans and Muslims with murderous lust, no doubt helped his campaign. Which is why this news… folks, I don’t like it. Sean Spicer is reportedly shooting a talk show pilot.

Sean Spicer is developing a show called Sean Spicer’s Common Ground. The New York Times obtained a pitch document for the show which promises–

“some of the most interesting and thoughtful public figures for a drink and some lite conversation at a local pub or cafe..The relaxed atmosphere is an ideal setting for Sean to get to know his guests as they discuss everything from the media to marriage. They might even tangle over the merits of making your bed or the value of a great point guard.”

Speaking of making your bed and then lying in it, the jury is out if America wants to see a man famous for saying Hitler never used chemical gas  and who we only know because he spent about a year lying for the president talk to Seinfeld about marriage or whatever. The idea of turning on your TV and watching the president’s old mouth piece having fun seems pretty dystopian to me. Bleh.

The pilot has not been picked up by any network, the pilot is going to be filmed in July, with a powerful syndication company attached. Debmar-Merucry — the syndication team behind “The Wendy Williams Show” and “Family Feud decided to get into the old fascism game! Oh heck yeah! Pilgrim Media Group, who developed “American Chopper” which we mainly know for that meme of those two dudes yelling at each other, is involved in development.

Sean Spicer said of this show: “In this current environment, I think it’s important to have a platform where we can have civil, respectful, and informative discussions on the issues of the day.” Civil, eh? Is this more on the talks of civility where the right can imprison children but the left can’t ask them about it while they’re eating because it’s rude or whatever?

This Sean Spicer show sounds ill advised, which is doubled when the New York Times called his style “truth challenged”. What kind of euphemism is that? Yeesh.

We’d be wary to end this article without reminding folks that none of this could have happened if not — like SNL and Fallon with Trump — the Emmys did not embrace Sean Spicer so hard. Stop. Palling around. With people who sell lies for a living, folks.

Ugh. I don’t know. What about you? Would you want to watch Sean Spicer’s talk show? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.