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"I think Oscar Isaac is attractive, but I never want to hear his political opinions"-- Twitter

Oscar Isaac was trending last night and folks were getting HEATED on Twitter. The Guatemalan-American actor known for playing Poe Dameron in the newest Star Wars trilogy gave the world a peek into his political opinions and folks came to a consensus that it was a strong YIKES.

image via Twitter

We live in a time where everyone and their mother has an opinion on the current state of affairs in America. Some of us are quieter about it than others but regardless, we are all entitled to those opinions. Sometimes it leads to protests, and sometimes just a confirmation from the Twitterverse that you’re canceled.  

People getting heated and canceling people within the Twitterverse is hardly a new phenomenon. Last week Adam Driver was getting canceled, before that James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Lena Dunham. Next week it will be someone else. The reason behind the celebrity cancelations are different but the sentiment is the same– we don’t agree with you and we’re going to say it. 

Isaac was seen yesterday sporting a mask, a t-shirt with earth on it, and a Joe Biden hat. And that is where people started getting upset. Tweets ranged from full support of his decision to being heartbroken over Isaac’s political persuasion. And some people just decided to deny the hat altogether and photoshop something else on it.

Here are a  few of the best tweets about the hat


Ultimately, Oscar Isaac is allowed to have his opinion, and, whether or not you agree with him he’s still wickedly attractive and has a great butt. 

But do YOU care? If your favorite celeb didn’t share the same political opinions as you would you cancel them on Twitter? Do you think Oscar Isaac cares that he was canceled for his hat choices? 

And most importantly, what kind of hat do you want to see Oscar Isaac in next? My vote is a cowboy hat or a rainbow propellor hat.