Lincoln Project Graphic Video Ad Inspires #ParasiteLindsey

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The internet was hit today with a video ad released by The Lincoln Project comparing South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, to a parasite. Yes, that’s right, those disgusting organisms that live off another organism at their expense, in order to survive. 

The Lincoln Project is an American political action committee formed in late 2019 by several former and current Republicans with a goal of preventing the reelection of Donald Trump. To achieve their goal, they also focus on defeating his supporters in the U.S. Senate. Lindsey Graham was the victim of their latest attack on Senators. 

The Video

Their latest video, entitled “Parasite,” focuses on South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s parasite-like relationship with President Trump. The video points out how Graham has flip-flopped his relationship with Trump. Once critical of the president, Graham now seems to be very much in support of him. Concerning? We’ll let you be the judge. 

What is really concerning though, is the first 25 seconds of this video. Talk about disgusting! The ad begins explaining how parasites are always around us whether we know it or not, showing gruesome and repulsive clips of the life-sucking animals in action. Then the real parasite metaphor begins as the ad pans to a clip of an interview with Senator Graham stating that Donald Trump is “unfit for office.” After some more parasite footage, the video explains that parasites feed off their host, not caring if they are good or bad. 

Senator Graham is then shown endorsing Trump at a rally, saying he is the “best leader since Reagan.” The video says that when a parasite’s home is gone, “all they care about is finding a new host and feeding.” During that narration, a scene of Graham and the late Senator McCain is shown, the two laughing together, implying that McCain was Graham’s last “host.” The video ends by blatantly suggesting that Graham has found a new host in Trump. The Lincoln Group’s call to action at the end continues to play off the parasite metaphor, saying that in order to end a parasite, we must “deprive [Graham, the parasite] of its host [Trump].”


It is a really intense one minute and eight seconds if you can stomach it. Graham is running for re-election in South Carolina against Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison on November 3rd. 


With all this gruesome content, Twitter is trying to get #ParasiteLindsey trending today. 

Some comment that watching Senator Graham in action is more disturbing than the actual parasite footage from the ad. 


And of course there are people using this hashtag to vent frustration with the senator and his flip-floppy ways.

OOF and then someone said THIS! It’s getting personal now.  

On a positive note, Democrats seem to be having a field day with this video.

Meanwhile, Senator Graham is…

Unfortunately Senator Graham isn’t doing himself any favors right now. His latest tweet, standing by Trump’s decision to withdraw 3,000 troops from Iraq, might just prove his parasitic ways.

In case you aren’t totally following what is happening with Iraq right now, President Trump signed a deal with the Taliban in February to withdraw U.S. troops. This deal was signed despite the better judgement of U.S. lawmakers in both parties who say the Taliban is not to be trusted. The agreement outlines a full U.S. withdrawal by May 2021 if the Taliban holds up their end of the deal to break off contact with al Qaeda. 

Regardless on where you stand on U.S. troops in Iraq or the conflict, publically siding with Trump right now is basically social suicide for Senator Graham. Kind of proves the point of the parasite video. 

And this isn’t the first time he has publicly announced his allegiances with the president. On June 7th he took to Instagram to showcase the president’s endorsement of his re-election campaign.

But this doesn’t stop everyone from buying into the parasite metaphor…. there’s always someone…

At least he still has a fan.

Well this was a lot for a Wednesday. What do you think about all this? Is Senator Graham a parasite? Is there anything more gross than the intro of this video? And most importantly, whether you want to vote for or against parasitic senators up for reelection, are you registered to vote in the election on November 3rd? 

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