People Are Making Their Hair Beautiful With the WATER BOTTLE CHALLENGE

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As the world creeps slower and slower into the end times due global warming and our — and 100 corporations’ constant and poor use of plastics that pollute the ocean and destroy the world, we have to consider new and non traditional means of utilizing the materials around us. And this one YouTuber, Chloe Wen, definitely has the right idea: using her water bottle in order to style her hair!

Simply by putting her hair into the bottle, and then vacuuming through a tiny opening in it, Chloe, along with other countless influencers, can give her hair a satisfying shape akin to the bottle in question. Other YouTubers have gave it a shot, and you should check it out in the video above!

What about you! Would you vacuum your hair in a water bottle? Would you take… the water bottle challenge? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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