Performance Artist Sits And Smiles At A Camera For 4 Hours

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    The man above is Ben Bennett. He is a performance artist who sits in front of a camera smiling for four hours at a time and then puts it on YouTube. Why? We’re not quite sure. Gawker, who discovered Mr. Bennett’s videos, is awaiting his reply.

    The website for this entire project is at, but contains nothing other than the videos, a link to make a donation via PayPal, and an email address: [email protected]

    The most recent video was just uploaded a few moments ago. It’s indistinguishable from the rest, except for Bennett’s clothes.

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    But…something weird is going on in episode 26. Watch what happens at 3:03:15 — Bennett’s body appears to start growing lengthwise, and his head rises in the frame. What is going on here?

    (Thanks to YouTube user Saiyukimot for making this discovery.)

    Any theories? Please let us know. This is Serial Season Two.