Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Engaged After a Couple Weeks of Dating

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Last time we reported on the relationship between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, it was concerning the tattoos Davidson got for Grande, who he’d only been dating a couple of weeks. When reading the news, some of us thought it was a bit to soon, to which Davidson and Grande seemingly responded: “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

It feels like the couple just went public with their relationship on May 21st, but it turns out Davidson and Grande are now officially engaged. Record scratch?

US Magazine had the story, with sources saying: “They are a perfect fit. They are not rushing to get married. Their friends are really excited and supportive.” But, want to know what I have to say? Getting engaged after less than one month seems like the opposite of not rushing to get married. Just a thought!

The couple was engaged on Saturday, June 9th at Robert Pattison’s birthday party. Both are 24, and to both of them I say… hey! Why not?

Twitter is enjoying the weirdness of this entire situation; the speed of it and how little these two stars must know about each other, right? Have they met each others’ parents yet? Have they tried cohabitating? Or does it not matter when your home is the size of a mansion? Have they even had a weird weekend where they napped on each other for 48 hours?

Anyway, here is what folks on Twitter had to say.


Ariana Grande herself had some very delighted reactions.


This is less than a month after Ariana Grande’s split from Mac Miller making this, at least for me, my favorite rebound — the comedian who talks about his boner on Weekend Update to whom she is getting married almost immediately. Mazel tov to the hopefully happy couple.

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