Photo of Reese Witherspoon Chucking Ice Cream at Meryl Streep Delights Internet

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Once in a while, a masterpiece so charming enters the social media landscape we can’t help but look in awe, putting our hands up to our mouths, and holding back a tear. These are photos or works of art so charming, so pure that when you describe them it feels as if lights, not words, are emanating from your very mouth. Such is the feeling that one gets when you witness this very photo of Reese Witherspoon chucking ice cream at the greatest actress of our time, Meryl Streep. Thank you Mr. Internet.

The photo is taken from the upcoming season of “Big Little Lies”. What kind of suburban dramatic battle led Reese Witherspoon to do the unthinkable and pelt a fellow actress with a scoop of that delicious frozen treat (what the locals call “Ice Cream”) is still unknown. You’ll actually have to watch TV for that (getting away from the computer sounds awful, but it could be worth it for this ice cream subplot).

We do know one thing. Reese Witherspoon has a good sense of humor about this entire thing.

Heck yeah! You scoop that cream Reese! Meryl Streep is your enemy and you will destroy her with the following ice cream flavors: vanilla. Strawberry. Chocolate chip mint. When it comes to flavors of ice cream used to further the narrative in the HBO television program “Big Little Lies”, the options, not unlike the fine options for cinematic experiences on HBO Go, are infinite.

What do you think of the wonderful photo? Did you enjoy the first season of Big Little Lies? Which lies was the biggest and which lie was the littlest? Do you like these questions? Do they bring you closer to me, the writer? In any case, let us know how you feel at @WhatsTrending.


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