Photoshop With Michael B. Jordan Turns Into Real Life Meeting

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“Manifesting” and “Vision Boards” have entered the common lexicon as a way you can make your fantasies into realities. Some don’t believe them, but what else can explain this one fan’s incredible journey from photoshopping herself into photos with Michael B. Jordan to actually meeting Michael B. Jordan and taking a straight up real photo with him!? Nothing! Nothing unless you also take in mind… the magic of the internet.

Let’s begin with the facts: Londoner Bolu Babalola went to Twitter to jokingly post a photoshop of her standing next to Michael B. Jordan, asking where they can find this man who so won her heart, and the internet was indeed properly thrown into a fluster. They argued to her that the photo was obviously photoshopped, and Bolu bemusedly tossed aside such accusations as absurd! In the end the goofy Twitter prank resulted in virality to the tune of 135k likes and 20k Retweets.

Well, the power of manifestation — it is not one to ignore! Because Bolu Babalola got to make this photo happen for real — when she met Michael B. Jordan at a Q+A for his new movie Creed II!


Bolu came up and began to ask Michael B. Jordan about what it took to balance the romance and the brutality of the film, and then continued to… speaking of romance… (the audience then cheered, they knew what was coming) a photoshop of her and the star went viral recently (aw, the audience loves it! Aw, the audience is on its toes! They know what’s coming) and she was wondering if Michael B. Jordan would be interested in making that photo a reality! The audience cheered! Michael B. Jordan said yes! Huzzah! Check out the video of the question being asked below!

And the photo? Well, check it out below. No photoshop needed.


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