Elizabeth Warren AND JLo Help Make #FlipTheSwitch TikTok Challenge VIRAL!

Can you make a better one?

Elizabeth Warren and Jennifer Lopez took part in a MAJOR video challenge on Tik Tok that gave the “Flip the Switch” challenge a big boost! Other celebs like Howie Mandel and even Camila Cabello even took part in the challenge! Tik Tok has a little challenge that’s been going around lately, and it even got a little celebrity boost over the weekend.

TikTok‘s Flip the Switch challenge got a BIG celebrity boost over the weekend, when Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth Warren participated in the trend. Then Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez did their take of course. But you are probably asking, what is the Flip the Switch challenge and how did this come up?

Essentially, it requires two people to trade places—and usually entire outfits as well—at a crucial point in Drake’s 2018 single “Nonstop”: “Look, I just flipped the switch.” However, earlier versions, which can be traced back to November 2018 according to Know Your Meme, were a little different.

While we can’t actually play the clips due to copyright reasons, we thought we would take the time to point out some of your favorite celebs participating in this challenge though.

A lot of recent videos feature celebs like Camila Cabello, Howie Mandell, and Emily Ratajkowski doing the challenge, and there are quite a few traditional gender-swapping takes. Audio used in a November 2019 clip from user @dallinxbella has now been used in more than 76,0000 TikToks.

While the trend starting taking off again before the Warren clip, that one apparently caught the attention of Drake. In the 10-second video, Warren just throws professionalism out the window and goes with it, and McKinnon desperately tries not to laugh while it happens. Either way, forget the Pete Buttigieg dance, many online felt this was way more iconic. Drake actually commented on SNL‘s post: “Wow I need to come home.” The clip did have some people up in arms.

AOC actually responded to the post and agreed with Drake saying “okay this is legendary.” A little pivot from that, the internet also had some things to say about Jennifer Lopez and Arod’s little video they made as well! One comment read, “ Every time I think I couldn’t love @JLo more, and then…” and another even wrote “The fact that you put the earrings on too shows the COMMITMENT.”

The obvious height and size differential wasn’t enough to foil this challenge for the couple. Lopez’s dress was stretchy enough to stand up to the test. But of course not everyone is a fan. One person said “there should be an age limit on tik tok.” And another person pointed out that they didn’t even flip a light switch in their video, but hey it’s the thought that counts. Of course there are going to be a wide range of trends and people on the app and there is obviously going to be a little hate here and there, but if A-Rod can pull of that dress then have at it!