In Honor of ‘Rocket Raccoon’… Our Fave Celeb Animals

  • 1. Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon

    Rocket cooper

    We’ve waited FOREVER for Guardians of the Galaxy and to see Bradley Cooper voice the gun-toting Raccoon, Rocket. It takes some serious chops to play an intergalactic mammal, and to sound like a bad-ass when you’re that freakin’ cute!

  • 2. Eddie Murphy as Donkey

    Murphy donkey

    Eddie Murphy is the O.G. of cartoon animals. He gave us some of the most quotable lines from a children’s movie EVER, and if you’re like us you still use them regularly on blind dates! (Oh, just me? Okay. I’m making waffles).

  • 3. Ellen DeGeneres as Dory

    Ellen dory

    The only character that can live up to Donkey standards is the adorably clueless Dory from finding Nemo. But it’s only because she got all that spunk from Ellen DeGeneres! This precious pair always reminds us to “just keep swimming.” Yay Dory!

  • 4. Patton Oswalt as Remy


    Ratatouille was a highly under-appreciated Pixar film, and we think Patton should finally get the props he deserves!

  • 5. Seth MacFarlane as Brian


    Sure there are a million animals in kids movies, but it takes a special kind of guy to voice (and write!) an animal character for adults. Seth MacFarlane nails it with everyone’s favorite naughty dog Brian on Family Guy.

  • 6. Liam Neeson as Aslan


    When you think of the words “majestic,” “strong,” “leader,” and “peace,” you can’t help but think of Liam Neeson. Which is of course why he was chosen to play the godlike lion Aslan in Chronicles of Narnia. If you didn’t know it was him the first time, watch it again. They even look alike.

    Who are your favorite celebrity animals? Let us know in the comments!