“Fur Elise In Different Tastes” Reminds Us Of The Power Of Pure Piano

  • Fur Elise in Different Tastes – Maan Hamadeh

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Maan Hamdeh entertained passengers waiting to board in an airport in Prague. What begins as Beethoven’s classical “Fur Elise” becomes his own take on the piece. The camera picks up on the reactions of the listeners as they realize Hamdeh’s arrangement is really, as the YouTube video’s title says, “Fur Elise in Different Tastes.”

    Wading through the comments, bypassing 4chan trolls and the usual YouTube complaints, many agree that putting a piano in such a public place is not only a good idea, but a good reminder of the power of un-synthesized, purely instrumental music.