These Are The First Six Photos That Come Up When You Type “Super Monkey Frog” Into Google Images

  • 1. Super Robot Monkey

    Tvtropes36 3696


    This is a character from something called Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. It’s the first thing that comes up in Google Images when you type in “Super Monkey Frog”

  • 2. A Tree Frog

    Herps 201


    This is a tree frog that doesn’t seem particularly special, but the photographer titled the photo “Super Tiger Leg Monkey Tree Frog” so Google indexed it like that.

  • 3. Another cool looking tree frog

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    Oh shit, apparently this is called a “super tiger-legged monkey frog.” I can’t believe I thought of some random phrase that is actually a real animal. Its scientific name is Phyllomedusa tomopterna.

  • 4. Some Goddamn Thing Called a “Flingshot”

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    You can buy crap like this on Amazon.

  • 5. Super Monkey Stickers?

    Dwscs supermonkey1 s


    These looks like stickers or some children’s book for Super Monkey. There are no frogs on this page that I can see.

  • 6. Whatever The Hell This Is

    Records view.php


    From some game show or something? Or maybe an old CD-ROM game? I have no idea. It says “Frog Song” on it which I guess was enough to make it pop up in the first six results on Google Images for “Super Monkey Frog.”