Making Us All A Little More Awesome | #WebCrushWednesday

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    Who are we crushing on this week? A YouTuber who is somehow able to articulate the thoughts that we can’t, who tends to make is reflect on ourselves, and just makes us want to be better. His name is Connor Manning and he makes our days…considerably awesome.

    Most of Connor’s videos tackle the tough stuff. The kind of things we should be talking about, but are maybe a little afraid to. Not only does he tackler them, but he tackles them well in an all inclusive, leaving none of his viewers to feel like outsiders. He’s like the friend that you might not hang out with all the time, but when you do, you end up discussing your deepest thoughts and the meaning of life.

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    What we love most about Connor’s videos is that he doesn’t talk about things as if he’s some all-knowing guru, but just a fellow human learning things as he goes. We love that throughout his backlog of videos, we see that he’s ever evolving and learning. We love it ever more that Connor is transparent enough with his audience to admit that he was in different mindsets throughout different timeframes of his videos.


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    BUT it’s not always intense discussions with Connor, he knows how to have fun too! We think a dance recess should be incorporated into everyone’s workday!

    Also, have you seen the guy’s selfie game? On. Point.

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    A guy who discusses the feelz, loves to dance, and showers us with selfies?! What’s not to love?!

    So thanks, Connor. For making us all at What’s Trending really want to better ourselves! Your videos always make our days…a little more awesome.

    *Insert Connor’s FWAH end sound here*