IT’S ALIVE! “Frankenstein MD” Kicks Brings a Monster to Life on #CreatureDay

  • Birth | Frankenstein, MD – Ep. 15

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    The whole season has been leading up to this! It’s the climactic episode of Season 1 of PBS Digital’s first original scripted series “Frankenstein MD.” After months of trial and error, and mere days after receiving their official medical degrees, Drs. Frankenstein and DeLacey have succeeded in bringing their dead friend Robert back to life.

    The show stars Anna Lore as Victoria, SourceFed veteran Steve Zaragoza as her partner-in-crime Iggy DeLacey and, in Episode 15, introduces Evan Strand as The Creature. 9 episodes remain in Season 1, which will continue adapting Mary Shelley’s classic of gothic horror. Production company Pemberley Digital’s previous YouTube literary adaptations have included “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” (based on “Pride and Prejudice”) and “Emma Approved” (based on “Emma.”)

    If you recognize Anna Lore as Victoria… that may be because she also hosts Trending Nows for us at What’s Trending! Here she is showing you what sex looks like in an MRI machine. (The answer? “Squishy.”)

  • MRI Shows What Sex Looks Like From The INSIDE | What’s Trending Now

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    Or because she’s the dirtbag peeling off her own skin for smokes in this anti-tobacco PSA.

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    One of those…