Pepsi Builds Matthew Stafford “Can Cave,” Tricks Everyone Into Liking Pepsi

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    At a Detroit-area Meijer supermarket, Pepsi set up the now unusable-for-any-other-purpose “Can Cave” — basically a small room lit by fluorescent lights, surrounded by 12-packs of Pepsi.

    Matthew Stafford surprised locals by inviting people into his can cave if they could answer simple questions, like the number he wears on his jersey, (which most Detroit Lions fans will know easily).

    The message to consumers is clear — Pepsi should remind you of your favorite athletes, who are also really great people who want to party in a non-alcoholic way with you. You should show your appreciation for Pepsi by using the hashtag #AllForFootball, which has nothing to do with Pepsi, except it will help their marketing team show their bosses that 8,000 people tweeted the hashtag which means they are purchasing Pepsi which means they can get a similar 2015 marketing budget.