Your New Favorite Daily Show | #WebCrushWednesday

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    Web Crush Wednesday is back (suck it, college finals!) and this week I’m SO excited to tell you that the channel I’m crushin’ on is so awesome, that it’s not even started yet. Internet, meet your new favorite daily show starting January 12, 2015 – The Hey Hey Show.

    Remember when Rhett and Link were looking for some new hosts? Well, The Hey Hey Show is the result of that search. So, who are the awesome hosts of this new weekday show?

  • Meet Shannon.

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    She makes videos over on Random Ass Girly Channel, and was actually a part of What’s Trending’s Tubeathon event last year! Shannon is a former MyDamnChannel vlogger, and one of my long time comedy favorites. Also, Shannon is just one of the best in the lip sync biz.

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  • Meet Candace.

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    Candace is also a vlogger, and makes videos on her channel, hunanpenguin. If you couldn’t already tell, Candace and Shannon are cut from the same comedic cloth. Their quirky, dry sense of humor compliment them as a duo so well. #SHANDACE5EVA

    If Candace looks familiar, you might have recognized her from her show on SoulPancake called Live A Little. This is how I first discovered Candace, and I’ve been excited to see her career take off ever since.

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  • Shandace in action!

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    Want a taste of Shannon and Candace’s comedic chemistry? Check out this vlog, where they take their shenanigans all around LA!

    How many mythical beasts out their are ready to make The Hey Hey Show part of your daily routine? Be sure to subscribe to The Hey Hey Show and tube in on January 12, 2015 for their first episode!