Cinnamon-Flavored Cheetos? SWEET!

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    Cheetos. The cheese-flavored corn chips are an American staple food for good reason. Because they are delicious. And also good for you! Well… one of those, anyway.

    But now, parent company Frito-Lay has announced the upcoming release of a brand new variety of Cheetos, promising to permanently dye your fingers new and exciting colors!

    Sweetos are cinnamon sugar flavored Cheetos, formed into the shape of an egg, and planned for release just before the Easter holiday. (Suck it, chocolate eggs filled with strange sugar gloop!)

  • Cheetos to roll out sweetos snacks

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    Frito-Lay discussed their reasoning behind the new direction for Cheetos with USA Today, explaining that millennials are increasingly looking for sweeter snacks than previous generations. (Back in my day, all of our corn chips tasted salty, and we liked it that way! Get off my lawn!)

    As well, this positions Cheetos to join the lucrative holiday-themed snack market, competing with other newly-introduced products like Valentine’s Day-themed Red Velvet Oreos. Because what’s the point of consuming 600 additional calories and 3 days worth of your daily recommended sodium intake if it’s not also making you feel more festive?