McDonald’s Will Give You Free Food In Exchange For Sweet Lovin’

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    From February 2 to February 14, McDonald’s wants to give you a chance to win $5 worth of food for free, and all it will cost you is a hug or telling a close relative you love them. (Maybe you’d just prefer to pay?)

    This is part of McDonald’s “Pay With Lovin'” campaign, launching with the above commercial during Super Bowl XLIX. The “Lovin’ Lead,” as designated in the official rules, will select a person upon their entrance to a McDonald’s. When that person orders, they’ll be informed that they are an “unofficial winner,” pending their performance of the “Lovin’ Action.” It’s all very technical.

    Here’s the catch: Winners must “enter the restaurant through one of the restaurant’s customer doorways.” No drive-thru or sneaking through the air ducts a la Die Hard for you!

    Over the two week period, each participating restaurant will select 100 total people as the winners, with about 1/3 of those happening on the first day of the promotion, so if you want a chance to give a fist bump in exchange for a Jalapeno McDouble, make February 2 the day you decide to head to a Mickey D’s. It’s also Groundhog Day, but don’t worry, after 1,500 calories worth of McDonald’s food, you won’t have any trouble seeing your shadow.

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