Watch This Simpsons Pixel Art Intro, It Gets Weird

  • Yeah, everyone’s seen old school gaming versions of everything in the world. Even Downton Abbey.

    Also, how is this at all different from the actual intros to games like the Konami classic Simpsons arcade game…

  • Or how is it that much more novel than the amount of cheese actually, unironically present at the beginning of Bart vs. The Space Mutants?

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    The answer to all these questions and why you should watch this intro is that we’ve never gotten a pixelated, full Simpsons intro with couch gag ever!

    And on top of that, after they get to the couch everything gets super psychedelic and trippy and downright awesome. There are so many tiny references in the art that you really see some of your favorite episodes and details from The Simpsons universe you don’t really think about on a daily basis:

    — Homer in a mumu from the episode King Size homer.

    — “I wash myself with a rag on a stick” bart from King Size homer.

    — Mr. Sparkle

    — Watch out Grimey is at the power plant!

    — A kid is wearing an Oculus Rift in band class.

    — Poochie!

    — A bunch more.

    It’s really a fun little ride to try and go through and find everything. The stylization by the brilliant artists Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon, as well as the execution ends up being perfect, in-depth and a whole lot of fun.

    Treat yo’self to a minute and a half packed with a ridiculous amount of references and awesomeness.