You Can Buy This House With A Pristine 1950s Kitchen

  • Nathan Chandler is selling a house he bought in 2010. The house itself is fairly normal. What’s different are its contents. The house was built in 1956 and never occupied. All of the appliances in the kitchen are original from the 1950s. Nothing has been changed.

  • Kitchen 1

    That’s right. The new owner of this house can either rent the kitchen out as a film/television set, or spend their days making large pot roasts in its vintage oven, recreating the good old days before women worked or had thoughts of their own.

  • Kitchen 2
  • Kitchen 3

    The appliances even have all of their original manuals! Do these things even have enough oomph to heat through a Red Baron pizza?

  • Kitchen 4
  • Kitchen 5

    Why, in the home of the future, you’ll even be able to store ice cream for up to three days in General Electric’s state-of-the-art hydra-invective freezer booth!

  • Kitchen 7

    According to Chandler’s flickr account, these photos were all taken in 1997. Presumably dust has since accumulated and been cleaned off.

    h/t Distractify