Japan Accepts American Giant Robot Duel Challenge

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Aw yeah, it’s going down! Last week, a group of patriotic American robot hobbyists unveiled their greatest invention: the 15-foot tall, paintball-shooting engine of destruction known as the MegaBots Mk II. Naturally, they immediately challenged the nation of Japan to a robot dual. Because what’s the point of having giant robots if you can’t fight them? In the video response above, you’ll see the Japanese feel the same way. Robot duel is going down!

    Suidobashi Heavy Industries‘ robot, the Kuratas, is slightly smaller than its American rival, standing only twelve feet high. But it can still pack a punch. In fact, Suidobashi CEO Kogoro Kurata wants to make sure you know the Kuratas can pack a punch. In his video response, he insists that melee be a part of the robo-battle so that his robot can “punch them to scrap”.

  • Them’s fighting words! Robot fighting words! We are, obviously, very excited about an international giant robot duel competition. What could possibly go wrong?

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