Man Ties 100 Ballons to Lawn Chair, Flies, Gets Arrested

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  • CBC News calls this an attempted publicity stunt. We call it a beautiful example of human ingenuity. Canadian Dan Boria lived the dream of Up and tied 100 helium balloons to a cheap plastic lawn chair. Boria took off from a park in northwest Calgary, soared like an eagle, then jumped out of the chair, parachuting back down to Earth. Then he was arrested, because apparently it’s a crime in Canada to be awesome. Actually, he was arrested for “mischief causing danger to life.”

  • The brief joy ride was intended to promote Boria’s “brand”. We’re not sure what that brand is, but we support the attempt. Parachuting from the chair is our favorite touch. It’s always smart to pack a chute when flying around on lawn chairs. As Boria told The Calgary Sun, “It was awesome, it was the most fun thing I’ve ever done.”