Two Gymnasts Pull Off Incredible Stunts in Surfing Competition

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    Growing up in Orange County, Calif., one of my favorite restaurants was Islands, a Hawaiian-themed burger place that I’m pretty sure was the inspiration for Big Kahuna Burger, the fake restaurant referenced in Pulp Fiction.

    The burgers and fries were fantastic, and for my money, it’s still the best-tasting burger you can get from a major chain restaurant.* The restaurant had televisions all around the place that would just show surfing footage. They weren’t from the Endless Summer movies, I don’t think, but I always found it odd that I would be watching incredibly fit, beautiful people ride waves while I sat on my ass putting back 2,500 calories worth of beef, fried potatoes and cherry coke.

    That’s the same thing I feel when I watch Lauren Oiye and Chuck Inman at a tandem surfing competition in Waikiki. They are immensely talented, strong and beautiful. I am hunched over my computer, adding to the strain I put daily on my back with horrible posture, typing this post, and fantasizing about my lunch, only 20 minutes away.

    I’d better stop looking at this incredible feat of athleticism and get some other blogging done. I’ve got some food to mouth-shovel.

  • *I also got salmonella poisoning from a chicken sandwich there in the late 1990s, so don’t think this is a sponsored post or anything.