CoverGirl Gets A Star Wars Makeover

  • Covergirl star wars the force awakens makeup looks

    In anticipation of the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie, CoverGirl has released the first glimpse at their new makeup line in collaboration with the film. You’ll be able to pick up these make up essentials from a galaxy far, far away in stores starting in September 4th.

  • Covergirl star wars 3 08132015 770x1024

    Think these just look like regular tubes of mascara with a Star Wars logo slapped on the front? Well, they are. Kind of. CoverGirl has found a way to make even mascara a collectible item by making tubes with different quotes from the movie on them. You can collect all 10!

  • Covergirl star wars 4 08132015 615x280
  • Of course, you can’t have a makeup collaboration when one of the biggest movies set in space without some out of this world shimmery colors!

  • Covergirl star wars 2 08132015 615x401
  • Is all of this completely unnecessary? Of course. Will they end up selling millions of units anyway? No doubt. It’s a pretty great gift for the Star Wars beauty guru in your life.