Compare Starships From All Your Favorite Sci-Fi

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  • With Star Wars: The Force Awakens drawing closer every day (you know, the way time tends to work), more and more tangentially related posts are popping up all over the internet. Sometimes very tangentially related, such as this video comparing the sizes of a whole array of starfighters from various sci-fi movies and TV shows, including Star Wars.

    Any fan who obsesses only over one franchise, or one at a time, may not immediately understand the need to compare starship sizes spanning various fictional universes, but there are actually quite a few times when this may come in handy. If you’re building replica models and want them to be to scale relative to one another, or if you’re writing crossover fan fiction and need to know which ships would eclipse another, or, quite frankly, if you’re just plain curious. Regardless of what you as an individual may get out of this video, it’s still impressively detailed and well-researched. And would probably make a pretty awesome screensaver.