‘Hardcore Henry’ Is A First-Person POV Action Movie That Looks Awesome

  • While many movies have used first-person shooting for certain scenes, Hardcore Henry is a completely first-person shot action film. It looks more like a video game than a full-length movie which will be released in theaters.

    The movie is shot entirely from first-person POV of the main character. We can only see his arms and legs and he remains silent through the whole film. The film is full of intense violent scenes that we experience first hand through Henry.

  • Hard2
  • Waking up after being brought back from the dead, Henry doesn’t remember anything. His destroyed body is given bionic arms and legs with more power than any human. From there we join Henry on an intense mission to save his kidnapped wife.

    Even though I’m getting a headache from watching the trailer, this movie looks pretty awesome. For anyone who loves first person shooting games, Hardcore Henry is probably for you. Or just anyone who wants to experience getting punched multiple times and killing a bunch of people.

    Hardcore Henry is in theaters April 8, 2016.