Get Leo That Oscar!

  • Act harder
  • Although Oscars season is approaching and the odds are looking great for Leonardo DiCaprio to win the award for Best Actor, the People of the Internet just won’t give him a break. For the past year or so, Oscar-less Leo memes have been circling just about every social media outlet there is, and no one is getting tired of them.

    February 28th is the moment of truth for Leo. That’s the day of the 2016 Oscars, and if all goes well he will finally put all of the jokes and memes to shame, walking home with a shiny new Oscar statue.

    Until then, some genius has created the funniest and most entertaining game on the Internet right now: Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage. In the game, you play as Leo himself, where the goal is to catch the floating Oscar trophy. You race against other Oscar nominees like Matt Damon, who comes complete with his space suit from The Martian.

    After reading a bunch of raving reviews, I decided to try this game out for myself. I sat in Starbucks, frantically pounding on my keyboard to get Leo to run faster. I think it’s impossible to play this game with a straight face. It’s so fun and ridiculous that you just get straight up addicted. If you want to try the game out for yourself, just go to