30 Years Of ‘The Legend Of Zelda’

  • February 21st marked 30 years since the original game was released in Japan. In 1986, the game was released on the Family Computer Disk System, a console that read floppy disks. Since then, the series has come a long way. The video breaks down why we continue to follow this series, even though its timeline is convoluted and confusing.

    Over the last 30 years the series has sold over 65 million copies of all 18 total games. Clearly, something is working. Along with the iconic soundtrack and commitment to characters, it introduced us to free-roaming game play which requires players to explore the Zelda universe. Also, even though the games were released in non-chronological order, each individual game has its own intricate story. The Legend of Zelda allows both dedicated fans and newcomers to enjoy each game.

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