Honest Trailers Looks Back on the Ninja Turtles Musical

  • Screen Junkies is a YouTube channel known for their satirical commentary on current blockbusters and classic films. Their weekly segment “Honest Trailers” is their most popular series and consistently delivers entertaining critiques on successful films. However, this week they diverged from their typical formula and showcased a piece of forgotten 90’s nostalgia: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of Their Shells.

    The special was released straight to VHS in 1990 at a time where the franchise was clearly running out of ideas on how to capitalize on this property. Filled with puns, product placement, and random musical numbers, Out of Their Shells is the pinnacle of everything a 90’s kid hopes to forget.

    It’s fitting that this Honest Trailer features a guest appearance from the Nostalgia Critic himself. Doug Walker has been reviewing old (and often overlooked) movies for years so it makes sense that he would show up to assist the Screen Junkies team as they take on the turtles.

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