Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Held Up By an Elephant

  • While driving down a road in South Africa, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his companions were momentarily delayed when an enormous elephant blocked their way and charged after them. Although Schwarzenegger is accustomed to being chased by fans, this must have been an entirely new experience for him.

    In the video, you can hear the driver urge the elephant to back away as it advances towards the vehicle. After hitting its tusk on the windowshield, the driver revs the engine which immediately causes the elephant to retreat. As they start to drive away, the elephant surprises them once more by chasing after them.

    Since visiting South Africa for the annual Arnold Sports Festival (a bodybuilding competetion named after Schwarzenegger) Arnold has been traveling the area and documenting the trip. This video was posted by Schwarzenegger to his YouTube channel yesterday and was accompanied by a message targetting poachers. It urges everyone to “take a photo, not a shot”.