Fruit Ninja’s Gonna Be A Movie Because That’s What the World Needs

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  • Remember Fruit Ninja? The mobile app was a best-seller in the earlier 2010s, and has now received a movie deal, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Sound familiar? The same thing happened with Angry Birds earlier this year, and none of us did anything to stop it.

    The Angry Birds Movie made $346 million on a $73 million dollar budget, so the idea of bringing the less successful Fruit Ninja to screens makes a modicum of sense. But this is still a ridiculous idea.

    Technically, this is old-ish news: THR reported back in May that the movie was in the works. The reason it’s back in the headlines is that now a major studio is attached. That’s right: this isn’t just a couple screenwriters tipping off a trade publication that they “want to do a Fruit Ninja movie.” New Line Cinema actually looked at this and decided to do it.

    This is a world where Battleship already has a movie, and there are movies to follow from Tetris and Monopoly. Does the world really need a Fruit Ninja movie? Apparently New Line Cinema thinks so.

    The film’s script is being written by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, and the movie will be a live-action family comedy about a group of “misfits” saving the world by slicing fruit. So imagine Guardians of the Galaxy but with fruit and really just a bad idea.

    Maybe all these movies are being released because Hollywood’s just out of ideas. Maybe the world has too many movies already. There’s like 12,000 movies released a year. Hey, at least TV is good now right?

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