Guy Spends Years Animating Credits for Imaginary ‘Indiana Jones’ Show

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  • According to the video’s YouTube description, incredibly talented animator and Indiana Jones fan Patrick Schoenmaker spent five years on the above video — and it shows. The newly animated scenes flow together like an old TV show’s opening credits. This marks the second time we’ve covered Indy scenes being re-done in an exciting way, the first time being with a giant bubble ball.

    Schoenmaker directs this animated video, setting up what he claims to be the TV show to make all others “redundant”. It features Indy up to his old antics, including stopping Nazis, falling in love with Marion Ravenwood, and getting into hijinks with Short Round. It redoes Crystal Skull to make it a whole lot better, and it features him getting to class in time to teach archaeology.

    The video gives a strong case for Dr. Indiana Jones to be Indy’s glasses-clad alter-ego, his Clark Kent. Also, they look the exact same, just like those two.

    The video also features appearances from crumbling temples, ghosts, melting faces, and hidden artifacts, aka everything (minus the fear of snakes) you’d expect of an Indiana Jones TV show.

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